Pinnacle Curbing attends Borderline’s Pro Curb Training!!

Borderline would sincerely like to thank Pinnacle Curbing for recently attending our Pro Training. Garey puts the effort forth to learn different techniques and styles from other professionals in the curbing industry. This is evident by their enrollment in our training course. All of his future customers can count on the fact that this company takes their craft seriously and wants to put down the best landscape curbing they possibly can. They are now part of a network of professional curbers and have set themselves apart from their competition. Lonnie, Troy, and the rest of the Borderline Professors welcome you!! It was a pleasure to meet you guys!!

Pinnacle Curbing2
Pinnacle Curbing Attends Borderline's Pro Curb Training!! 3
Pinnacle Curbing3
Pinnacle Curbing Attends Borderline's Pro Curb Training!! 4


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