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I’m new to Curbing,

Can you tell me more about borderline?

Faq About

Borderline was started back in the early 1980’s by Patrick Roach. Patrick came to the U.S. from Australia and brought the recently invented machine with him. This is the reason for the Kangaroo on our machines and logo.

Patrick ran the company for over 30 yrs and then it passed to his sons. Then in 2017 Lonnie Shereck, a curber from Bismarck,ND took over operations.

What you see here is the culmination of the work put in since then.


We are owned and operated by Lonnie Shereck, he has operated his curbing company since 2001 and is hands on when it comes to training you in your new endeavor.  His crews at Valley Borders run all the machines, tools, and equipment you see on this site. 

We are constantly testing and developing every day as our crews go out and install.  Our curb machine manufacturing facility is right here so changes can be made on the fly and improvements can be tested.   We are the only curbing equipment mfg that not only does curbing but also builds everything right here.  Our Borderline Metalheads are some of the most talented welders and fabricators out there. 

The vast majority of what you see is built, powdercoated, and essembled in house.  This is the reason we can easily customize your machines colors, laser cut your company name into your curb machine, and build your curbing trailer to match.  Nothing is “cookie cutter” at borderline.


We have a couple different options for you in the financing tab.  Be aware that we don’t have anything to do with the financing of your equipment, we just give you the information and links that may help you.  Your local banks will be able to get you better rates and terms so you may want to look there first.  Online equipment lenders on the other hand may be easier to qualify for but your interest and terms may be higher.  Theres pros and cons to both.


We have created a separate training program called Curb University.  We wanted to make sure that no matter what machine you run that you can come to us to learn.  Others train you when you buy their equipment, we train curbers regardless of where you got your machine. 

If you bought a used setup you can feel confident that we will get you up and running and feeling good about your new business.  We instill some of the best curbers in the country to help us train you.  Our Professors are spread out all across the country  and many join us at our training events.  This gives you many different owner/operators showing all sorts of techniques. 

We feel its very important to see things from many different angles and aspects.  Lonnie and all his professors (12) run borderline equipment and believe in the techniques and processes that make their businesses successful.  They come from all parts of the US and Canada. 

You can find all the information about our training program at, along with our training dates.  TO DATE, SINCE 2016 WE HAVE TRAINED OVER 300 COMPANIES HANDS-ON AND 100S MORE THROUGH ONLINE VIDEOS.


We started a private facebool group in 2017 called THE CURBING NETWORK.  This is a place where any curber can go to connect with others in the industry, ask questions, show pictures, and help others.  As of 2023 we have over 2000 members from all over the world contributing. 

There are 1000’s of conversations, pictures, and videos to help you with anything curbing.  If you would like to join (search in facebook, type in THE CURBING NETWORK)  ask to join and answer a few questions.  Lonnie and his crew at Valley Borders go “live” on this site all throughout the summer to help our members become better.


Since 2016 Lonnie has been making training videos for anyone who may need help.  Since that time over 140 videos have been uploaded to the Borderline USA YouTube page for anyone to view. 

At our training website,, he has placed about 50 of them that are easy to access right from that site.  They cover all aspects of curbing, Mixing, finishing, operation of machine, prep, and stamping just to name a few and most of these are real world on-site situations, not some fluff.  

We also offer on that site our advanced course, which you can get access to when you purchase the Carving/Stamp kit.  This is a very detailed one on one video training with Lonnie. 


Landscape curbing machine manufacturers vary greatly.  There are many that have been out there over the last 40 yrs.  Borderline, Tygar, Curbmate, Curb-King, Curb Depot, and Lil Bubba to name most of them. 

There are a few that are out of business and no longer made.  Out of all of these Borderline is the only one thats constantly evolving and improving due to the fact that we install everyday and mfg onsite. 

Lil bubba mfgs at their facility but doesn’t curb, they actually have outside local curbing companies help them train.  Curb Depot installs but everything with equipment is outsourced.  Tygar no longer builds machines.  Curbmate installs.  Curb-King mfgs but they have never installed. 

Our belief is if your gonna build em you better use em.  We are a Zero Pressure Company.  We don’t have salesmen that are working on commission that will hound you constantly to try get your sale.  We wont try talk you into something you don’t feel comfortable with. 

We show you how our machines operate onsite in real videos, we show you how/why our curbing trailers are by far the best out there, and we explain fully what you get when you come to one of our training events.  Everything is right out front with no smoke n mirrors.


Lets ignore the obvious visual differences of the custom colors and personal touches and focus on performance.

Our curbing machine (Sting), has gone through many upgrades since 2000 with a full redesign in 2020 to make it much more efficient which increased its speed and performance.  Three of the biggest issues with all curb machines are: 1) The amount of waste left 2) The plugging up of the hopper (bridging) 3) The ability to run softer/wetter mixes.

We addressed all these things in 2020 which in turn makes the Sting incredibly fast but also reduces time cleaning when the job is done.   We also include much more with the machine price.  Two travel tires, sideplates, all molds/trowels, tool bag, tool kit, color, name, and shipping. 

The Piledriver – We designed a power wheelbarrow specifically for curbing back in 2011.  Theres been many redesigns and additions over the yrs to help improve performance for our curbers.  It’s the original that others have tried to copy. 

The Extreme 20 – Our curbing trailer doesn’t really have an equal.  We designed it to be a mobile batch plant.  It makes zero sense in todays industry to have a trailer you cant even walk inside of.  If you can’t haul even half of the materials with you whats the use?  The Extremes compartment is 6ft6in tall and 8 ft long.  We build shelves inside to hold your colors, tools, stamps ect.  We install a full water/power package with water tank, pump, deep cycle lithium battery, 1200 watt invertor, 100 solar panel and controller, all plumed to the rear for the guy mixing.  No rolling hoses to hook up to a house.  There is a rear door/shelf that is separate to hold your Portland for the guy mixing.  The whole thing is done in your color choice to match your machines.  Everything here is done with the curber in mind. 

Take a good look at the other companies, do they actually measure up?  We urge you to do your research.

Whats the timeframe for building machines/package?

It can depend on time of year and sometimes is based on availability of parts and materials.  Right now (spring 23) we are 3-5 weeks on machines and can be slightly longer on trailers. 

We are hoping that we will have stock machines and trailers prebuilt that customers can purchase if they don’t want custom colors.  Our stock colors typically are charcoal/silver/black.


We have a marketing tab on top of home page that will explain the digital options.  Website/google/ect

As far as packets or brochures we don’t have any of those.  We don’t want you to use some generic materials that other companies may have.  Lonnie can give you pictures to get started on your business facebook or website until you can replace with your own. 

The best thing to do is to go online to a place like and create your own.  Its very simple and you can make it your own.


We invite anyone to our facility in Bismarck and shadow our install crew Valley Borders.  You can spend a couple days seeing how an experienced crew operates. 

This wouldn’t be an actual training as we cant let you physically work on our crew for liability reasons.  We’ve had 100s of companies shadow us over the years and believe me youll be impressed with how our crews kick ass.

Have Questions?

If you are wondering about curbing equipment, concrete curb machines, starting your own curbing business or want some more information about our equipment please fill out the form below.  Are you are an existing Curber and can't get any help from your manufacturer?  Please contact us, we are here for all of you.

Lonnie Shereck - (Owner and Curber)
(701) 751 - 2705

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